Storage Units That Fit all Your Needs

Storage units started gaining major popularity in the past 30 years. We have so much stuff that we simply cannot contain it all in our homes.

What is the best type of storage unit ?

Heated indoor units are the best.

They offer a controlled invironment that keep sour stuff safe and secure.

Problem is they are also the most costly.

So what is in between that ?

The drop off metal containers are the most cost effective.

Sadly they are absolutely NOT climate controlled.

Electronics and metal objects are all subject to corossion and decay.

Storage boxes

The idea of having someone drop off a metal shipping container to your house is appealing.

Its fast.

Its easy.

You get it without having to drive around.

You fill it at your convenience.

Once its full you call again.

They come and get it.

What could be easier ?

How to pick the Right Storage Unit

You need to consider the following things before even shopping around for a storage solution.

You want to ensure that once you commit to a Storage Solution it will last you no less than 1 year.

Most companies these days offer discounts for Annual renters.

Self-Storage or Not ?

Self Storage is for sure the Most common Type today for many reasons. It is often more economical and access is easer to have for the rentee.

One big downside is that you have to bring your stuff to it yourself and pack it into the into yourself.

You can have the option of hiring workers to do this and most times the self storage company will have at least a list of people to choose from.

Do you need access 24 /7 ?

This can become a huge issue if the things you are storing need to be used even once per year.

Some Storage facilities give you access night or day

Most often when you get this you also have codes to get in and out which you can then share with other family members to allow them access to the storage unit as well.

Does it need to be climate Controlled ?

This is a serious concern. Water, Moisture, Heat, and Cold are the four biggest concerns with storing your stuff.

Water is typically not going to be an issue unless its a really poor quality storage facility.

Never the less you need to inspect the unit before moving in to ensure you do not see evidence of water damage.

Storage Security

The last thing you want is for someone to break in and take your stuff.

Most self storage facilities have some sort of security.

It can range from a lock on the storage unit door to fencing.

Some also have electronic entry gates with Codes and even individual unit alarms.

The very best storage facilities have staff and guards on duty around the clock, every day.

These are obviously going to cost more because there is a lot more cost for the facility.

But if you have valuables stored there it can be well worth the cost.

Will a Drop off and storage Container work ?

Drop off containers are convenient and easy.

You do not need to move your stuff so much because you can just pack it and put it directly into the container.

The company has to drop it off so you need a spot it can stay while you fill it.

It is not easy to get your stuff out.

Its pretty much all or nothing.

They will bring it back when you need it and you have a limited time to unpack it all.

How much stuff do you have to Store ?

One of the Best ways to save money on your Storage unit is to store only what you need.

Go thru everything, sell what you don’t need.

Ask yourself if you have used an item in the past year.

If no why are you keeping it ?

Sentimental things are different, we keep those always.

Next Box everything up in the same size boxes.

This is important because you can now accurately measure the size needed.

In addition you can easily fill the entire storage unit and not pay extra for storing Air.

How much More stuff are you likely to Store in the future ?

Consider your situation carefully.

What else may you need ?

How much space ?

If you current storage plans have a completely full storage unit then what do you do when you need more ?

Its a problem because you only have two three choices.

  1. Do not store it at all.
  2. Move everything into one size up storage unit.
  3. Rent a second storage unit.

Now a whole second storage unit is going to double your costs.

Not good.

A Bigger storage unit is the best thing but its a lot of work.

Plan ahead, if you are gonna need the space rent it from the start and avoid the head ache.

You will be happy you did.

What are the typical Sizes available ?

Do you need direct access from your Vehicle or is Stairs okay ?

Will you need Storage Shelves so that you can access your Stuff ?

Will you need a moving truck ?

Take the Time to find a Sale on Storage Units and save big time.

Ask about rate increases over time