International Calls

Today more than every people are making more and more International Calls. This may be unexpected but is driven by Immigration Growth.

While many people use chat APPS and Video Calls to talk to friends and Family it is not always possible.

If your Family has Cell service but no Wifi then you must call.

International Calls are still quite expensive without a good plan.

Couple this with the time we spend on International calls and the costs can be sky high.

Free International Calls

Getting International Calls for free is everyone’s preference, but there is always a cost.

If you do not pay directly there are always other ways the suppliers can make money with.

Some like selling your information to advertisers may not be a concern for you at all.

Others can be irritating or even downright terrible.

For example if you don’t pay and the quality is very poor its not like you can complain.

I mean you can, but don’t expect things to change.

You get what you pay for.

Another issue is APPS that offer free calls but get paid using ads.

This means that you are shown ads to use their services.

Sometimes this can be mild, but in many cases you are forced to watch Ad after Ad.

If you do not like this your only choice if to get a paid service.

Picking the best paid International Calling package.

Once you break down and decide to pay for international calls the first thing you need to know if that your Cell provider is almost always more expensive.

More expensive than Paid APPS.

One of the best options if you live in a city with great wifi is to use WIFI Calling APPS.

For a relatively low cost you can call almost everywhere.

The other benefit is that you can access the WIFI calling services all over the city with free wifi.

Be aware that if you are on a slow WIFI that Video calls will not work well.

However that is very true for all WIFI applications.

Emergency Services.

Wifi APPS almost never have access to Emergency WServices.

Fire, Police, and Ambulances cannot be reached via WIFI APPS typically.

This is not an issue for most people until they need it.

Be aware ahead of time as once you are on WIFI Calls it is too late if you suddenly need an Ambulance.