Security Cameras for Home

Home security Cameras give homeowners and renters piece of mind. Home or away the security cameras keep you safe.

Even your doorbell can now be a camera.

Wired Security Cameras

Most home security is done thru wireless devices.

This means that its a serious system when there are hard wired cameras.

The advantage of wired security cameras is that you get great details.

Higher resolution images.

Hard wired cameras are not susseptible to interference.

The signal on WIFI cameras can in theory be blocked using interferience.

That would effectively negate the value of the WIFI Security camera.

Wireless Security Cameras

Pitfalls of wireless cameras

Outdoor Security Camera’s

If you want to keep your home safe you will need outdoor security cameras.

These must be waterproof and tough enough to take a beating.

Most people make the mistake of getting the cheapest camera’s.

If you do this you may as well just install dummy cameras.

When you need the camera footage it must be good.

Good enough to see faces.

To recognize the people seen.

Without this the police are not going to be able to use it.

Surveillance Cameras

Hidden Security Camera’ss