How To Use VOIP To Save Money On Your Phone Bill

To Save Money you need to learn How To Use VOIP services effectively and not waste money if its not needed.

We live in a highly digitalized era & the need for communication is more significant than ever.

People need to find faster, cheaper, and more efficient ways to communicate.

The business environment has long time passed the geographical borders, and it requires precise and reliable communication systems.

The VoIP technology, an acronym for Voice over IP, seems to be the answers to everyone’s needs.

What is VoIP

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that delivers voice and other multimedia communication over the internet rather than traditional telephone services.

It massively started to be used beginning with 2004 when people were able to make and receive phone calls just as they would through classic telephony.

VoIP is Similar to digital telephony.

The voice is encapsulated through codecs & digitally transmit data packets over the internet.

They are then decoded back into audio at receiver’s end.

The higher the codec quality, the clearer is the communication.

High-quality codec uses less bandwidth.

The most used codecs are G711, G729, G722.

VOIP Free Calls

In this way, people were able to place free phone calls over the internet without worrying about international or long-distance charges.

VoIP may be a technology that reinvented the wheel.

VOIP has the potential to revolutionize the entire phone call industry as we know it and replace the traditional phones one day.

How to get VoIP access

Although it may seem too good to be true, you still need some equipment to access VoIP.

There are three different VOIP systems available to choose from.


Commonly, people use a device called Analogue Telephone Adaptor or shorter, ATA.

It works as an analog to digital, and it offers you the possibility to connect your standard phone to a computer.

The set up is effortless and very user-friendly.

You will need a supplier such as Vonage or AT&T to provide you with the device. The installation is straightforward.

You plug the cable from your phone into ATA, and you are ready to digitalize your phone calls.

Sometimes you need special software installed on your computer.

IP Phones

If you are considering VoIP for a business such as a call center then IP phones are a good choice.

They look just like regular phones with a headset and an Ethernet connector that would connect directly to the Internet router.

These phones incorporate all the necessary hardware and software equipment to be able to place VoIP calls instantly.

Computer to computer

This is the cheapest and the easiest way to use VoIP.

There are some charge free VoIP applications you can use for this type of calls.

The technology can be used for both personal and business purposes.

All you need is the software, a good sound card, microphone, speakers and of course, internet connection.

The better the internet connection, the higher the quality of communication.

Usually, there are no charges for this type of system except for the regular monthly internet fee.

Save Money & Time ?

The need for more efficient communication ways is important, VoIP technology developed over time and became clearer, more reliable, and more customizable to every client’s needs.

VoIP can help you cut the cost and dramatically simplifies communication.

Here is how:

One provider for all communication services

You will not need to work with multiple providers for your phone, data, or mobile service.

Everything is in one place and handled with one provider.

You cut the phone bill costs and focus on improving your internet connection.

Less work for internal IT support

The VoIP providers take over the responsibility of maintaining and managing the entire network.

No need for highly skilled, expensive internal IT support employees.

The externalized service to a VoIP provider is cheaper and more efficient.

High mobility and accessibility

You no longer need to worry about long distance or international calls costs.

Your business has all the mobility and flexibility it needs to grow.

Different phone call costs for different locations or times of day are a thing of the past.

Users can communicate from anywhere and connect with various compatible devices.

You will drastically reduce the Hardware & phone call cost.

Decrease hardware costs

The landlines need hardware infrastructure, physical space, and high maintenance costs.

You don’t need expensive equipment or complicated installation processes to use VoIP.

No additional infrastructure is required, just a pre-existing Internet connection.

The provider will send you IP phones or adaptors for existing phones, and you will be ready to place your first call within minutes.

All you need to do is connect them to the internet.

VOIP for Business

For a business VoIP can be a solution to increase efficiency and will Save Money.

It is a fantastic time-saving technology since it can incorporate multimedia communication.

For example, no time lost waiting near the fax for an incoming.

VoIP sends incoming faxes straight to the receiver’s email. Data files, videos, instant messages, & email sent out through the same application.

No need for in-person meeting all the time. VoIP incorporates video calling and multimedia conferencing, regardless of the geographical location of the participants.

The meeting costs are drastically reduced, thus increasing the overall business efficiency.

VOIP Call Centers

If you are running a call center, you can record a few standard messages for most commonly asked questions, and the system will automatically address the customer’s problems.

Your business will reduce the headcount and employees’ costs significantly with VOIP.

For other business models, VoIP can be used to forward phones to a specific number or manage peak calls more efficiently.

In this way, human resources can be used more efficiently and will increase business productivity.

The VoIP can be a solution to make your business more efficient not only in terms of costs.

ou need to make sure you select the right VoIP partner for you.