Reputation Management

Who would have thought we need online Reputation Management. This protection has even become a critical part of being able to get a good job.

Unless you are self employed or own your own company the time will come when getting the dream job will depend on your Reputation.

Don’t let this be a random factor in your life.

Why do you need Reputation Manager ?

Most Jobs do a background check these days.

They have now started using Reputation checks as well.

Why do they do this ?

You think your Private Live should have no impact on your chances for that shiny new job ?

Its a slippery slope to be sure, but …

If you say and do crazy or illegal things online, on facebook or twitter it does say something about who you are.

What your moral compass is like.

If you are reliable.

Get the picture ?

Where do the most issues on Reputation come up ?

As expected most issues on your Reputation come from your own activities.

These indicators give insight into your moral compass as well as other factors that makeup who exactly you are.

If you let your templer drive your social media posts then it is going to be seen by everyone.

Not just potential employers but family, friends, and neighbours too.

Think before you post.

Social Media

Social Media is a big area where Reputation Protection comes into play.

Facebook is the largest Social Media venue by far.

Things you post on Facebook never go away.

They are there for potential employers to dig up and see your entire life.

When you post things on Facebook you should ask yourself if its appropriate.

Appropriate both now for the situation you are talking about.

But more importantly is it appropriate when future employers read it ?

Credit History