Water Delivery all bottle Sizes to You.

Every Office today has a Water Dispenser and someone who delivers this water. Your Home office is no different and even more important.

Water delivery is Easy to get scheduled but not always easy to find good services.

While the easiest water dispensers to setup are tied right to the water lines in your building, there are still complications.

For this type of installatioin you need to have good and proper water filtration.

This means filters that you have to buy and stock.

Filters that you need to change or get changed.

And before any of that can be done you need to get the water tested.

Water Testing

Testing your water is not a guarantee on quality.

It is simply a snap shot for what the water looks like at that moment.

Circumstances change.

What you filter for today is not going to be the only thing in your water long term.

Because of this it is wise to setup a periodic water testing plan.

Find out what contaminations are common in your area and test primary for those.

You will be able to get most tests in little strip form and those are very economical.

Using these keeps cost low and if you see any results of concern you can simply get a professional test done as needed.

How to pick the Best Water Delivery Services

Depending upon your needs and workforce size there are many things to consider when picking the right delivery Service.

While it seems insignificant to Management issues with Water Quality and availability can turn into huge issues for employees.

They get used to having the water there when they want some.

If you run out fairly regularly this will reflect very poorly on the company itself.

The companies who manage the delivery of water automatically based on actual usage works by far the best.

Another consideration is do they also supply consumables.

Things like cups, filters, napkins.

How about bonus extra’s like donuts on the day of water delivery.

This may seem like a silly thing to pay for but the impact on company moral is staggering.

Doing this is like saying thank you and we value you and your work to each and every employee every time water is delivered.

Can you Rent or buy Water Coolers ?

Renting Water coolers offers the greatest flexability.

If your staff size changes or you are able to offer new things like coffee and hot chocolate it would be great to offer upgraded coolers with Hot water.

Buying is a great option if you do not intend to have any changes to your water needs.

In addition you are willing to fix or replace the water coolers when there are issues.

Bottled Water

You are guaranteed high quality water with bottled water.

While this is always true you have to be careful of what format of bottles you get.

Individual size bottles become very costly.

The reason for this is simply cost based.

The cost of the bottles and their processing costs are dramatically higher than large 5 gallon bottles.

This cost gets passed along to you.

Also there is a per bottle fee or tax.

The larger the bottle the less per gallon you pay.

Is it worthwhile to get Water Coolers with Heated Water ?

Generally speaking most companies start out with the plain and simple water cooler.

These work well and everyone loves the fresh new extra they get at work.

Water drinking spikes as everyone takes part.

It isn’t for a few months that people start looking at things like making tea from this new fresh water source.

Almost every time the company ends up getting upgraded to a new cooler that has hot and cold water.

It just makes sense.

Save yourself time and money by getting this feature right from the start.

How Flexible is their Delivery Services ?

Is the delivered Water Safe ?