When to use a VPN

What is a VPN and why should you use it ? These are important questions when you and your family members uses the internet regularly.

What is a VPN ?

A VPN is a Virtual Private Server.

Ok, so that isn’t really a good description unless you are a Techy monkey.

A VPN is created by a company on a Private Network using their Public IP Address.

This means that customers like you will appear to actually be coming from that company rather than your home IP Address.

So what does the VPN do ?

Most importantly it shields your true IP address from people trying to either steal you Identity or Hack into your home network.

However there is one other important use.

Lets say you are travelling to a far away place. France for instance.

You want to surf the web and plan your trip, right ?


When you search from your home you get results tailored just to your home location.

You can ONLY see true France results by using a France based VPN.

Then all internet results will be based on that france IP that the VPN uses.

In plain english it means you will see search results as tho you are inside your hotel right now.

What does the VPN do

The VPN is like a disguise for your computer or phone.

From the outside world you are actually someone else, somewhere else.

There is nothing illegal in this, especially since there are so many out there looking to hack your network.

What does it protect

The VPN masks your computer’s IP Address.

The IP Address is like your houses Street address.

Its a numerical Identification for your computer’s virtual address.

If hackers and scammers get your IP Address then they can start sending things to your Address.

Many of these things you can guard against.

Viruses setup as links in emails for example.

You can choose to not open Links unless you know who sent them.

Hackers tho have other ways to attack your router and firewall.

If they get in, its like having someone breaking into your home.

They now have access to all your stuff.

Which VPN is right for you

Choosing a VPN is going to be based upon your needs.

Lets say you travel a lot.

You likely want a VPN that allows you to choose which country you want.

Lets say you have children.

You likely want a VPN that has parental controls.

These controls also allow you to limit the crazy stuff your kids can access.

To VPN or not

If you are very tech savy and can setup your own Internet Protection then perhaps you don’t need a VPN

If you cannot handle all the tech issues that come up, you need to use a VPN

Ignoring the use of a VPN is like not getting homeowners insurance.

Sure its all good when you don’t need it.

However once you need it and don’t have it, its too late.

Cost of using a free VPN service

The free VPN’s are going to have the most people on them.

They are also making money somehow, ask yourself how?

Do you know they are not giving access to your information to someone ?

Can they afford to keep security up to date ?

Can they afford to change their own IP Addresses regularly ?

To Pay or Not to Pay

Without a doubt it is better to use a paid VPN service.

Why you ask?

That is easy.

How much resources will a service have to spend on updates and development if they charge nothing ?

How good can their service really be ?

If they are not directly charging you, then how do they make money ?

All companies have to make money.

If not directly charging you then they must be selling you ?

Or at least your information.

The VPN is there to protect your information, not sell it.