Top 10 VOIP Providers

In Business you need to pick one of the Best VOIP Providers. You need services that are fast and reliable. Services that work always.

The Best VOIP Service Provider Benefits

Consider which VOIP Service Benefits you need before picking a Provider.

VOIP Services are almost always Mobile. This means you can use the services in any country seamlessly.

If your Cost per call is not super low then you have picked the wrong VOIP Provider.

In addition you should be able to easily setup a Voice Conference call.

Should you need to make the occasional Video Conference you have to pick a provider who is capable right from the start.

The one hidden requirement that is harder to guarantee is signal bandwidth.

Good bandwidth means that your calls or video calls run ‘Smoothly’ without irritating delays or gaps.

While this is too difficult for most of us to figure out technically, there is another method.

The larger the VOIP Provider, the larger and fast their service hardware must be.

This means picking from the Best VOIP Providers will generally result in having better service speed and bandwidth.

What makes the Best VOIP Providers

Statistics show that the VoIP market will have a fast growth reaching $55billion by 2025. This cost-effective technology will rapidly replace the existing land lines helping the business to save up to 75% of the cost and significantly increase efficiency. Business growth overpasses national borders and thus increase the need for fast, reliable, and cost-free international communication.

As the overall market is growing, there are multiple VoIP providers, and they all seem to promise high-quality, reliable, cost-effective communication. There are a few criteria you need to pay attention to when choosing your VoIP provider.

What do you need from the Best VOIP Providers

First of all, make a detailed analysis of your own business needs and make sure you allocate a budget that would cover those necessities. Providers offer various price range depending on the features needed. Each provider offers a specific service plan that includes specific features and capabilities. The whole purpose of VoIP is to enhance communication, therefore, make sure your provider provides flexible communication features and has a smartphone integration. Prepare for a growing and successful business.

Your VoIP provider needs to be able to adapt to your ever-changing business needs and include features like conference calling or call management. VoIP is easy to use, easy to install the technology. Make sure your provider includes features that integrate to your existing other applications or systems. The whole purpose is to be able to simplify and unify communication. Also, think of overall business needs. No everyone has VoIP so, people who are calling you should not be charged. You may want to choose a VoIP provider which support local area codes.

Apart from technical criteria, it is essential to look to human factor and business health when you choose your VoIP provider. Take a look at other factors that contribute to a successful partnership such as 24/7 business support, a reputable company with excellent customer reviews. To pick a better Provider chose from this list of Top 10 Best VOIP Providers.

Top 10 Best VOIP Providers

1. RingCentral VOIP Provider

This is a company based in California that offers VoIP services around the world. Their packages include call management, multiple communication integration like fax, email, or instant messaging at very competitive pricing. They might be a suitable provider for more elaborated business needs since they can support conferencing, virtual numbers systems, video meetings, or screen sharing. The packages start at $20/month for the basic plan and get to $50 for advanced features.

2. 8×8 VOIP Service Provider

This provider offers a virtual office suitable for rather small to medium companies. The plans include features like unlimited calls, online call management, and some conferencing capacities. It can integrate with other business productivity applications such as Salesforce which is highly useful for companies who use CRM platform to organize their data. Some features such as internet faxing or call recording are available only for more expensive plans. Their prices range between $25 to $55 per month per user.

3. SKYPE for Business

Skype is maybe one of the most commonly used platforms with billions of individual subscribers. Small business owners or companies with less sophisticated communication needs may find this provider very suitable. It integrates call management features and also video conferencing and meeting recordings for up to 250 people. It is fully compatible with Office 365 which adds extra scalability for your on growing business. Their plan is maybe the cheapest on the market, just $2 per month per user.

4. Verizon Business Digital Voice

Backed up by a reliable high reputation power, Verizon full-featured VoIP service is tailored for the needs of large and growing corporations. In addition to standard features like holding, forwarding or other call management, Verizon adds up advanced features like voicemail to email or administrators online portals. It is fully mobile integrated so you can take your business with you anywhere. They require a 2-year contractual commitment and their price range from $25 to $35 per month with 10 to 20 VoIP lines.

5. JIVE Voice VOIP Service Provider

JIVE Voice is a small-business friendly provider offering unlimited use of voice service available for 1 to 99 users. They include standard features like call management or fax to email, voicemail to email but also more advanced conferencing features, call whispering application suitable for call centers allowing a supervisor to listen to a real-time conversation and talk to the agent. The prices are competitive ranging between $20 to $30 per month for companies under 100 employees.

6. Mitel MiCloud Business

If you are looking for more advanced and professional features, Mitel MiCloud Business may be the best provider for you. Their focus is almost entirely on VoIP services, and they developed advanced features like CRM integration or mobile applications. The standard plan includes all the necessary voice features like call management, queuing, reporting or conferencing, and start at $20.99/user/month. For more advanced features like CRM integration, call recording, outbound dialler or multimedia routing, you will have to choose an elite plan that starts at $38.49 per user per month.

7. Dialpad VOIP Service Provider

If you are a small business owner or you are looking for a more affordable VoIP solution, Dialpad may be an option worth considering. They offer a 30-day free trial and a single sign-on option. Their standard plan, which starts at $20 includes top free numbers, unlimited calling in the US and Canada, other call management features, video calling, and multimedia messaging. For advanced features like Salesforce and other CRM platforms integration or international calls, you will have to opt for more expensive plans that start at $30 per month per user. A significant disadvantage of this provider is their business support, the 24/7 service being available only for Enterprise plans. 

8. Google Voice VOIP Service Provider

Although VoIP technology means much more than just free or low-price phone calls, if you are just starting out your business and you need a cost-efficient communication system, maybe Google Voice might be the solution you are looking for. It is a free virtual phone number provider which works on any mobile device or landline phone. It includes basic features like call forwarding, block, or text messaging. US and Canada calls are free of charge while international calls start at one cent per minute. It may be useful for an individual business owner who wants to separate their personal phone calls from business calls.

9. Vonage VOIP Service Provider

Vonage is one of the first companies specialized in VoIP services. They integrate features like unlimited phone calls, auto-attendant, or voicemail. Their systems integrate with CRM platforms and are a good option for companies that have remote teams that don’t use desktop applications. They have a mobile, premium, and advanced plans with prices ranging from $19.99 to $39.99 per user per month.

10. VOIP Service Provider

Businesses which need unlimited minutes or don’t make a lot of calls and require cost-efficient and reliable plans may consider as a viable option. Their pay-per-minute plans start at $12.99 per month per user and a local or toll-free phone number, monthly minutes, SMS, unlimited user extensions, and an auto-attendant. The voicemail feature can be extended to a human transcription for an extra 25 cents for voicemail. 

There are various options for VoIP communication systems which show a healthy growing market with real potential to replace the traditional communication systems in a few years. The is not the ultimate best provider as the choice is highly depending on your business needs and specific requirements.