Streaming TV & Movies

Video Streaming has exploded over the past decade with everyone having a phone. Mobile devices stream movies and TV signal seamlessly.

Services now offer Movies plus TV Series for Binge Watching.

Driving this surge in demand has been the last few generations using their phones and tablets.

The average 20’something is watching TV shows and movies alike on their personal devices.

Most users are actually using streaming services, but some are going it on their own.

Streaming Services

Many things are streamed today.

Streaming refers to moving large qty’s of data quickly typically for entertainment.

Services like Radio, TV, Movies, Sporting events.

Streaming TV Online

Not everyone has the option to successfully Stream TV online.

There is a high requirement for Technology to make this work.

Everyone is familiar with the dreaded spinning circle that pops up when your internet is downloading the next portion of your show or movie.

High speed internet is critically important and required.

Initally internet bandwidth was an issue for one device.

Then Internet technology got better.

Now the limits are just how many devices we are trying to stream with at the same time on a single internet node.

Streaming Service Fine Print

Make sure you know what limits are on your streaming provider service.

Most allow a maximum number of devices to access the service at once.

Some even require all devices to be registered before use.

This registration process also often comes with a maximum total number of devices allowed.

Make sure you count up the total needed and give yourself a little extra room.

Most people have at least 2 devices these days.

This means that a family of 4 needs 8 personal devices and potentially up to 3 or 4 more for things like living room TV’s.

Streaming TV Services

While Movies are great, there are literally dozens of services that offer Movies Streaming.

The problem that has developed for these companies is that Movies along is not enough.

People was more.

More Series, More News, and definitely more Sports.

This means they was to Stream TV Services.

So what is Video Streaming exactly ?

Streaming Movies, video, or TV shows is essentially watching live data across the internet.

So if you stream a movie the signal or video signal is not coming in via the traditional Co-ax Cable. Instead its coming in on your Internet signal.

Today most streaming is done wirelessly.

This means not only is the signal coming in via your internet service and Router.

But its also then be transmitted wirelessly using WIFI to the TV or tablet.

Only thru increases in fast internet and WIF has this become possible.

Video Streaming Services

The most popular today is Netflix, followed closely by Amazon Prime.

However these two main-line products are under siege not only by new players but from some large heavy hitters.

You Tube TV

The largest and biggest threat to their market share is from You Tube TV.

While You Tube traditionally makes you think about user uploaded short video’s that is changing.

You Tube has massive infrastructure to handle large scale streaming.

They have launched big time services.

While they are currently the most expensive offering for online streaming they also have the widest selection.

It also folds in your traditional YouTube selections which means even higher market share.

Hulu TV & Video Streaming

Hulu TV made the jump to Hulu Live TV

What is Live TV and why is it different you ask ?

Hulu TV started out as a Streaming Service and became a Live TV Service.

The difference is huge.

Streaming Services off titles you can pick and watch on demand essentially.

Live TV services carry live TV just like the traditional cable TV services.

This allows you to pick packages that have great streaming options along with cable TV channel packages included.

Hulu still has a smok’in deal on streaming services and the cheapest contains Ads.

Sling TV Streaming

Fubo TV Streaming for Sports

Mobile Streaming TV & Movies

Streaming movies and shows to Mobile devices is finally turning the corner.

There is almost more content streamed to mobile devices as there are to TV’s.

This is in no small way a result of the Generation Z Participants.

Watching TV and Movies on your transit ride home or in bed before falling asleep has sky rocketed.

How to Choose the Best Video Streaming Provider

There are many factors to consider when choosing a Streaming Service.

All of these factors can result in you not being satisfied with the service.

Take the time to go thru all your needs before picking your streaming provider.

You will be satisfied as long as it does what you want when you want

Streaming Speed

Streaming Speed is only a factor if its too slow.

What is streaming speed ?

Its the speed at which the movie or show ‘streams’ into your device.

Many factors influence streaming speeds.

The main factor is the service provider’s streaming speed guarantee.

Even when this is met many people still have issues.

The service provider has no control over your home internet.

If you have slow WIFI speeds in your home its a problem.

The show will play a while, then stop while it downloads more of the show.

You may blame the service provider for this but they have no control.

If WIFI is slow switch to wired service if possible.

If that isn’t possible try using 5G wifi service.

Streaming Service Provider

Movies Vs TV Series

Oldies Vs New Releases