Top 10 Home Security Systems

9. Nest Secure

The Nest security system is designed to be self-monitored.

Although the up-front costs are higher than average, the security system integrates with other Nest products as a part of Nest Smart Home systems.

The starter pack which includes sensors, live video, remote management and one indoor Nest cam is $498.

If you need 24/7 professional monitoring, you can add it to the plan for $19 per month.

10. Life Shield

Home security does not solely mean anti burglary protection.

The Life Shield system comes with CO and smoke monitoring for every packaging.

It offers mobile access and it is also suitable for small apartments.

The basic up-front cost for the security package is much lower than for other companies.

You can get basic set up equipment for $200. For 24/7 monitoring and other extra benefits, you can get the Security Advantage plan for $39.99 per month.

There is no overall best security solution but there must be one that is best for your particular needs.

Every solution ace in some features and lack in others and the selection needs to be based on your own particular criteria.

Make sure you test your solution for at least a month to see if the features included in your plan are the ones you desired for you residential security.